Pool Renovations and Repairs

Our services include plaster, tile, coping, plumbing, pavers, waterfalls, and pool inspections. If your existing pool needs repairs or your space needs renovation, we've got you covered.

THE PLASTER PROCESS - With pool renovations we first evaluate your pool to check for any hollow areas in the old plaster. The "prep" process requires chipping away any hollow spots, areas surrounding lights and pipes to make sure we have a solid foundation for the new plaster application. After prep we apply an acid wash. The acid wash allows old plaster to bond to new plaster. Plaster finish types include standard white plaster or choose from a wide range of colors and textures from NPT or Diamond-Brite. Ask your sales consultant about samples and custom finishes.

TILE - Plaster needs to stay underwater or it will dry out and crack. Tile must be added at the inside top edge of the pool so that the water line can stay above the plaster. There are many colors, sizes and textures of tile to choose from. Take a look at the NPT website for tile options or ask your sales consultant about samples.

COPING - Coping is the process of adding a decorative border around your pool's perimeter. Like tile, there are many options to choose from including brick, travertine, stone, and paver bullnose. It's best to ask your sales representative about all the possibilities.